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Drones In Energy Industry Report 2022

Insights on applications, market, and companies for drones in energy

  • Globally, the commercial drone market will reach US$41.3B by 2026, with drones in energy representing the biggest market (US$6B).
  • Drones are used for the energy industry to carry out inspections, mapping, surveying, localization and other activities.
  • Among the sub-sectors that benefit most are oil & gas extraction, oil & gas distribution, power generation, and more.

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  • 96-page report with example drone applications, global market data, forecast, and company rankings for the energy industry
  • Chapter on drone applications in energy including top industry sectors, application methods, typical results and technology stack
  • 10 Case studies of companies around the world using drones, including problem-solution description, technology used, and operational characteristics
  • Market data for drones in energy, broken down by region, top countries, and forecast including CAGR until 2026
  • Rankings for top remote-sensing, commercial manufacturers and dual-use drone manufacturers, including profile for top 5 companies using drones in energy
  • Dedicated chapters on drone regulation and emerging technologies

Droneii’s Drones in Energy Industry Report provides a unique insight, analysis, and case studies of how drones are used in the energy industry and what their market potential is.

This extensive 96-page drone application report covers the largest industry vertical for the global drone market (based on an adjusted North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)). Today, drones are already used throughout the world to carry out inspections of oil rigs and powerlines, gas emission monitoring, methane detection and dozens of other applications. These drones in energy are optimizing processes for oil & gas, electricity, sewage systems, and other vital utilities and infrastructures.

Our report dives into the various applications of drones in the energy industry, including specific sub-sectors and application methods. These are followed by specific case studies of drones in energy, where companies provide the problem description, drone solution, operational characteristics of the technology used, date and location.

After providing a close look at these applications, we elaborate on the macro-perpective. Globally, drones in energy represent the biggest market for drone applications. We provide data on the current market as well as forecast for its growth until 2026. Furthermore, the chapter provides these numbers for the top global drone markets, including CAGR projections.

In addition to the micro- and macro-perspectives, the report also includes the top 20 ranking for remote-sensing companies as well as the top 20 commercial drone manufacturers and top 20 dual-use drone manufacturers. All of these rankings are followed by company profiles of the top 5 companies from each ranking that use their drones in energy-related activities.

Finally there are dedicated chapters on drone regulation and emerging technologies. The regulation chapter introduces drone regulation and the approval process for various operational scenarios. Meanwhile the emerging technologies chapter covers various new technologies that may soon impact drones in the energy industry.





Research Methodology
Scope Definition & Research Design
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Data Validation
Report Creation


1.1 Drones: What are drones and what can they do?
1.2 Drone configurations/designs
1.3 Major segments of the drone ecosystem
1.4 Commercial drone market by industry
1.5 Drone application categories and methods
1.6 Drone market dynamics


2.1 Drones in Energy
2.2.1 Case Study – Offshore FPSO Powerplant Inspection
2.2.2 Case Study – Powerlines Inspection
2.2.3 Case Study – Photovoltaic Plant Monitoring
2.2.4 Case Study – Flare Stack Inspection
2.2.5 Case Study – Pumped-Storage Hydropower Plant Surveying
2.2.6 Case Study – Wind Turbine Inspection
2.2.7 Case Study – Linear Infrastructures Inspection
2.2.8 Case Study – Inspection of Oil Storage Tanks
2.2.9 Case Study – Inspection of Lightning Protection System in Wind Turbines
2.2.10 Case Study – Tailings Dam Monitoring


3.1 Drones in Energy
3.2 Drones in Energy Market Size by Region
3.3 Drones in Energy Market Size by Country
3.4 Drones in Energy Market Size by Country (Table)


4.1 Drone Service Providers – Remote-Sensing
4.1.1 Top 20 Remote-Sensing Providers
4.1.2 Top 10 Energy-Related Company Profiles

4.2 Commercial Drone Manufacturers
4.2.1 Top 20 Commercial Drone Manufacturers
4.2.2 Top 5 Energy-Related Company Profiles

4.3 Dual-use Drone Manufacturers
4.3.1 Top 20 Dual-use Drone Manufacturers
4.3.2 Top 5 Energy-Related Company Profiles


5.1 What Are Drone Regulations?
5.2 Why Do Drone Regulations Matter?
5.3 A Brief History of Drone Regulations
5.4 BVLOS Operation and Its Leverage
5.5 Operational Scenarios and Approval Process
5.6 Technological Drone Trends with Impact on Regulation
5.7 Key Drone Regulation Challenges


6.1 Introduction
6.2 5G Technology
6.3 Automated Base Stations (Drone-In-A-Box Solutions)
6.4 Blockchain
6.5 Computer Vision
6.6 Fog Computing
6.7 IoT – The Internet of Things

Appendix: Industry Definitions


Figure 1: Drone technology stack
Figure 2: Drone configurations/designs
Figure 3: Drone hardware
Figure 4: Drone software
Figure 5: Drone services
Figure 6: Commercial drone market segmentation
Figure 7: Drone application methods
Figure 8: Assessment Process of Civil Platform Manufactures
Figure 9: Product placement of Top40 civil platform manufactures
Figure 10: Assessment process of dual-use platform manufactures

Figure 11: The 3 Levels of Drone Regulations
Figure 12: The Role of Regulations in the Drone Workflow
Figure 13: History of leading regulatory developments
Figure 14: Examples of drone-in-a-box solutions
Figure 15: Blockchain elements and structure
Figure 16: Computer vision driven by advancements in multiple fields
Figure 17: Computer vision analyzing hot spots in photovoltaic plants
Figure 18: Computer vision helping to track vehicles and machinery
Figure 19: Fog computing architecture 85
Figure 20: IoT Architecture


Table 1: Commercial drone use cases across industries
Table 2: Commercial drone market size for Energy by country 2021-2026
Table 3: Top 1-20 Remote Sensing Drone Service Providers
Table 4: Top 1-20 commercial drone manufacturers
Table 5: Top 20 dual-use drone manufacturers
Table 6: Applications in energy, operational scenarios and approval processes
Table 7: Technological Drone Industry Trends and Their Impact on Regulations


Graph 1: Commercial drone market size in Energy by region 2021-2026
Graph 2: Commercial drone market size in Energy by country 2021-2026
Graph 3: Maximum download speed per technology

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      FAQs about Drones in Energy Report

      How does the Drones in Energy Industry Report differ from other reports?

      Unlike many other reports by Droneii, this one takes a deep and comprehensive view into the largest industry vertical in the global drone market. While the Drone Market Report analyzes the world’s commercial drone market, and the Drone Application Report looks at unique applications, this report does both. It also includes rankings that can be found in other reports. In other words, this unique report consolidates all of the best available market data for drones in the energy industry and its sub-segments.

      What is a drone application?

      Drone applications are innovative ways in which drones are used to make business processes safer, more efficient and/or more profitable. By applying a drone in a unique way to solve a problem, the drone industry has grown exponentially and continues to expand into new industries. The energy industry includes some of the most widespread and profitable drone applications on the market.

      What is the difference between an application example and a case study?

      Application examples are generic combinations of a method (e.g. spraying or mapping) along with an industry (e.g. agriculture). Case studies are concrete examples of how a specific company used a drone for a particular task.

      Are the case studies focused in any particular region?

      Cases are taken from all around the globe including Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, Norway, Iceland, India, and dozens more.

      What is included in each case study?

      Each case study in the Drone Application Report includes date, location, operational characteristics (type of drone, autonomy level, payload, distance, flight time, etc), value-added metrics, as well as detailed problem and solution descriptions (in paragraph form) and further observations (as bullet points).


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