Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Take a look through the FAQs below and if you still need answers, contact us directly
What does Drone Industry Insights do?

We research, write and advise on the commercial drone industry. This includes free publications, reports as well as bespoke and customer-specific market studies. We cover all upstream processes in the business and product development. Starting with an initial market screening, via hard facts and figures to build business plans, all the way to go-to-market strategies.

What separates you from other companies?

Our USP is the niche. We are experts in our field and unite over 40 years of professional experience in the manned and unmanned aviation in our company.

Our thorough understanding of the market, our extensive network and our superb understanding of the market’s development and its stakeholders is unique.

Our bottom-up approach in calculating market values and shares creates a reliable foundation for everyone who does not merely believe in the hype and wants to make sure the aspired business case will take off successfully.

Why should we hire Drone Industry Insights to do our work instead of doing it ourselves?

We’ve spent years acquiring and developing our insights to streamline out research processes and deliver the highest quality of products at the fastest pace possible. Moreover, our network of over 12,000 people allows us to instantly reach across the drone industry in our efforts at helping you thrive.

Where are you located and how do you work with clients outside of your local area?

Our offices are in Hamburg, Germany. However, our business model is tailored to remote work and to working with clients who are many time zones away. Using a combination of secure online platforms, we are able to produce and keep your products safe. Thanks to being located in the Central European Time Zone (CET), we’ve been able to work with clients from Tokyo to Seattle.

Can you send us samples of your work?

Our free products – the infographics and whitepapers that we produce – are the best example of our work. Meanwhile, we also always make samples of our paid reports available to everyone. Should you want an example from our client work, we provide sanitized examples of projects in order to protect our previous clients’ privacy whilst showing you what we do.

Do you provide customization services for your reports?

Yes, we do provide customization services for our paid reports. If you like one or more of our products but it’s not quite what you need at the time, contact us, and we’ll do our best to offer you a customised option or alternatively a research project proposal.

Do you work with particular industries or types of companies?

No. Today commercial drones are present in all verticals and around the globe. Our services are required in the smallest start-up just like in the biggest blue-chip company. Our expertise to help build sustainable business models in an extremely dynamic environment is a strong value-add for everyone who works or plans to be working with us.

I’d like to hire DRONEII, how do I do that?

The best way to do this is to contact us and briefly explain your project needs to us. We’ll then get back to you within the day to arrange a phone call to discuss details.

Are you willing to sign an NDA?

If you so require, we are happy to sign an NDA to protect your identity just like your intellectual property.

Do you work with independent consultants?

We never hire people at random to do our work for us. Sometimes we leverage our large network of experts in order to arrive at the most precise answers to your questions, but the expert insights are then subject to our analysis to ensure you get independent and objective insights.

Is DRONEII independent?

Yes, DRONEII is 100% independent. Neither do we distribute advertising, nor do we endorse specific companies, products or persons. DRONEII is fully bootstrapped and therewith even independent from investors and banks. Objectivity, independence and accuracy in everything we do are our core values and an assurance for our customers.

Who are your clients?

Even though we are in a niche industry, we have a very diverse client list. DRONEII has worked with governments, associations, international organizations, drone manufacturers, drone service providers, drone software developers and investors alike.

What’s the price of a market study?

We price our services according to the time and manpower it would take to conduct the necessary research and analysis to provide them. To be as fair as possible we always offer our clients two options – a less expensive standard service and a more sophisticated more expensive option. However, if the start-up costs of both options are too expensive for you right now, we recommend using our research subscription services.

Are you worth the money?

We believe we are because we see our customers thrive in this vivid market and we have many customers coming back in their next stage of development. This and many testimonials of satisfied customers tell us the investment in our service was followed by real returns. The return on invest shows quickly and lasts long despite the dynamic environment we all work in.

Do you manufacture or operate drones?

No, we neither manufacture nor operate drones.