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Our Drone News in 2021 infographic shows the Google trends line for the term “drone”. In addition, there are several highlights of some of the major headlines that spread all around the globe, such as drone shows in Scotland, volcano eruption captured by drone in Iceland, the latest on drone regulation, passenger drone companies entering stock markets, and investments for delivery drone and counter-drone companies (among others).

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Companies seeking to understand the global drone market, particularly the use of drones in the Energy Industry, can benefit from knowing which activities drones are currently best-suited for. In spite of the fact that there are always new and innovative drone applications arising, it is important to understand what the market currently consists of and how drones are already being used efficiently and profitably. Anyone wishing to enter the drone market, or anyone in the Energy industry who is exploring the use of drones should familiarize themselves with the current use of drone technology for oil & gas extraction and distribution, electric power generation and distribution, or other types of applications.

Additionally, our infographic shows what the size of the global drone market is expected to be as well as how much of it falls within the Energy Industry. Since Energy is and will continue to be the primary market for drone technology, the most-common uses of drone technology provide clues and ideas for business developers about how to best integrate drones into their workflow. For example, anyone working with oil & gas can benefit from this infographic by noting the tasks that drones can carry out efficiently, and then finding service providers or drone manufacturers that might allow them to implement these tasks into their company’s current portfolio.

It is also worth noting that just because there is a low use of drone technology for a particular task today, it does not mean that it is not profitable or that it will not grow in the future. Therefore, shrewd business developers can also benefit from finding market opportunity in activities where there is currently less competition.

To discuss the more about the big players in the drone market, regulatory standards, more detailed data about the drone market in 2022 or tailored drone market research and what we can do for you, contact us.


Our Using Drones for Energy Infographic shows the projected size of the global drone market in 2026, which is us41.3 billion. From this projection, the use of drones in Energy is forecast to be US$6 billion, making it the biggest industry vertical (more information as well as a breakdown for the top countries can be found in our yearly Drone Market Report).

The infographic explains that using drones for energy-related infrastructures involves various types of applications such as Inspections, Mapping & Surveying, Localization & Tracking, and Others (gas/radiation detection, transportation/delivery, line stringing, lightning protection, etc.). As the graphic shows, Inspections represent the highest number of activities using drones for energy-infrastructures, and this applies to several utilities such as oil & gas as well as electricity. Drones are also used for Inspections of water, sewage and other systems. Even though these represent a smaller market according to the infographic, it is worth noting that they are still multimillion dollar markets around the globe and within some countries.

As the infographic shows, Mapping & Surveying represents the second-most-common type of application. This is followed by Localization & Tracking, which once again may have a lower rating in the infographic but is nevertheless has a very high adoption rate when it comes to using drones for energy.

If you’re looking for more information about using drones for energy, read our blog post. Here is an excerpt from the blog:

“Using drones for energy infrastructures is and will continue to be the leading market for drone technology throughout the world. This is due to both the societal importance of energy production/maintenance and the exponential increase in safety and efficiency that drones bring to these operations.


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