Infographic | Drone Market Shares USA 2021


This infographic contains changes in drone market share in the USA that occurred during 2020 and should be taken into account for 2021.

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  • Want to learn more? Read our post about the effects of the allegations against DJI on the US drone market.


Our infographic provides an update to the drone market shares in the USA after the economic disputes between its government and China began in 2019 and carried into 2020. Key factors affecting drone market shares were allegations against DJI about data security as well as the introduction of the American Drone Security Act in 2019, which prevented American governmental agencies to use Chinese-manufactured drones for their activities.

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Drone Market Shares USA 2021 is an infographic to complement our article on changes to the USA drone market. Here’s an excerpt from the full publication:

“The U.S. initiated bans of Chinese drones for government agencies under the American Drone Security Act of 2019. Quite a few industry participants postured, wishfully or not, that this would, that this would end DJI’s market dominance in U.S.”


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