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The infographic “Drone Data Analytics Manufacturers” outlines the growing drone data analytics market across industry sectors.


This infographic shows which drone data analytics companies operate in which vertical.

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This infographic is the result of a DRONEII survey which researched drone data analytics companies and classified them by industry.

Find out:

  • Who the most wanted data analytics companies are
  • Which verticals employ the most diverse set of data analytics companies
  • Who you might want to collaborate with depending on your industry sector and needs

Read more in our article here and enjoy a free excerpt:

“One of the most important goals of AI in the drone industry is to make efficient use of large data sets which are collected by the drone – this would mean the datasets were addressed in an automated way without a human in the loop.

With the increasing development and spread of drone technology, the availability of high-resolution images used for various tasks such as maintenance, surveying, mapping and monitoring is increasing. There are already many established software companies on the market offering intelligent data analysis solutions to make unstructured drone data “actionable” and gain meaningful insights without time-consuming manual analytics.”


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