Infographic | 5 Key UTM Components


This infographic gives an overview of the five key components of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)


This infographic provides an overview of the building blocks of UTM systems.

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This infographic contains components described in our latest post about unmanned traffic management. Here’s an excerpt:

“Unmanned Traffic Management, or UTM for short, has been the talk of the drone industry for the past couple of years. It refers to any systems, products and programs which comprise efforts to create an air traffic management (ATM) system for drones. Such a system is needed because the huge amount of additional drone traffic cannot be managed by the current air traffic control (ATC) facilities.

Therefore, private enterprises and national aviation authorities have set out to establish new infrastructure to fulfil this role. The first and most important step to achieving airspace integration is to establish a UTM system which will enable seamless BVLOS drone operations at low altitudes (i.e. under 400 feet above ground in airspace where manned aviation’s air traffic services are not provided).”


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