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The Counter-Drone Market Report 2020


  • The global counter-drone market will grow from around USD 1.2 billion in 2019 to USD 6.6 billion in 2024 at 41.4% CAGR.
  • Since 2012, more than 280 million USD has been invested in counter-drone companies worldwide.
  • Regulations tend to be especially opaque and tough for counter-drone systems due to the technical requirements involved in successfully mitigating drone threats.
  • Counter-drone companies offer either detection systems, interdiction systems or a combination of the two.
  • The Counter-Drone Market Report 2020 also comes with market data in .xlsx and the complete list of all 171 counter-drone companies and 302 solutions in .xslx.


The DRONEII Counter-Drone Market Report provides the most comprehensive outline and analysis of the counter-drone industry to date. It includes the drone market size and shares, a conclusive list of players and solutions including a description of the technology available, a database and analysis of public contracts & investments into the industry, and a breakdown of counter-drone regulations and possible future standards.

Following the introduction, Chapter 2 delves into the counter-drone market environment to explain what kinds of companies it is made up by. It gives an overview of the current offerings on the market, and a rundown of all disclosed counter-drone investments. Recognizing the huge role of public contracts, this chapter also breaks down the counter-drone disclosed tenders, their purpose, value and participants.

Next, Chapter 3 provides background information on counter-drone technology, describes how it works, and gives a competitive overview and comparison of currently available solutions. Beyond discussing counter-drone solutions, this chapter also discusses ‘counter counter-drone’ solutions and the adaptation of rogue drones which aim to circumvent current defense systems in place.

Building on this information, Chapter 4 of the Counter-Drone Market Report dives deep into some of the most prominent case studies on the counter-drone market. It provides an overview of the counter-drone needs and challenges in each scenario.

Meanwhile, Chapter 5 runs through all current and prospective laws and regulations which affect the counter-drone market.

Chapter 6 presents the DRONEII counter-drone market model and gives the counter-drone market size, share and growth figures for 2018-2024. It breaks these figures down by region, country and counter-drone technology.

Finally, Chapter 7 gives the reader a brief look into the future possibilities and challenges in the counter-drone industry. It discusses regulations, market developments and technological breakthroughs to look out for in the future.

This 115-page Counter-Drone Market Report pioneers the market study and research of the fast-growing counter-drone industry. It provides not only the most thorough, but the most up to date analysis and outline of the counter-drone market.



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Table of Contents


Executive Summary

1    Introduction

1.1 Introducing Counter-Drone Systems
1.2 Scope and Methodology
1.3 A Global and Multi-Layered Challenge
1.4 When Do Counter-Drone Systems Become Necessary?
1.5 What are the Counter-Drone Security Layers of Critical Infrastructure Areas?
1.6 The Path Towards Deploying a Counter-Drone System
1.7 General Overview of the Counter-Drone Workflow

2    Market Environment

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Market Landscape
2.3 Counter-Drone Manufacturers and Their Solutions
2.4 Counter-Drone Partnerships
2.5 Counter-Drone Market Investments
2.6 Top 15 Companies According to Counter-Drone Investments
2.7 Counter-Drone Market Investors
2.8 Counter-Drone Public Tenders and Contracts 2015-2019

3   Technology

3.1 Introduction
3.2 What Do Counter-Drone Systems Do?
3.3 How Are Counter-Drone Systems Used?
3.4 Comparing Detection, Tracking & Identification Systems

3.4.1 Acoustic Systems
3.4.2 Electro-Optical (EO) Systems
3.4.3 Thermal Systems
3.4.4 Radio Frequency (RF) Systems
3.4.5 Radar Systems

3.5 Comparing Interdiction Systems

3.5.1 Nets
3.5.2 Projectiles
3.5.3 Lasers
3.5.4 RF Jammers
3.5.5 GNSS Jammers
3.5.6 RF Spoofers
3.5.7 GNSS Spoofers

3.6 Counter Counter-Drone Systems

4   Case Studies

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Assessment Criteria
4.3 Case Study 1: Airports
4.4 Case Study 2: Prisons
4.5 Case Study 3: Events
4.6 Case Study 4: Industrial Facilities
4.7 Comparative Case Study Assessment


5.1 Introduction
5.2 Impact of Regulatory Frameworks on Operation and Scalability of Interdiction
5.3 Authority: Who Can Conduct Drone Detection and Interdiction?
5.4 General Rules and Country Specific Developments
5.5 Counter-Drone Systems and International Standards
5.6 Possible Legal Violations That Counter-Drone Systems Could Commit
5.7 EU-Wide Counter-Drone Regulations
5.8 US-Wide Counter-Drone Regulations

6    Counter-Drone Market 2019-2024

6.1 Introduction
6.2 Market Opportunity
6.3 Counter-drone Market Size & Growth

6.3.1 Global
6.3.2 by Region
6.3.3 by Country
6.3.4 by Method
6.3.5 by Detection Method
6.3.6 by Interdiction Method

7    Industry Trends and Outlook

7.1 General Trends, Challenges and Outlook
7.2 Market Trends, Challenges and Outlook
7.3 Technological Trends, Challenges and Outlook
7.4 Regulatory Trends, Challenges and Outlook

Annex: Country-Specific Regulations

Table of Figures


Table 1: The Counter-Drone Workflow
Table 2: Counter-Drone Companies According to Country of Origin
Table 3: Counter-Drone Companies According to Solution Offered
Table 4: Counter-Drone Partnerships
Table 5: Counter-Drone Investors According to Their Number of Investments
Table 6: Detection Counter-Drone Systems and Their Descriptions
Table 7: Interdiction Counter-Drone Systems and Their Descriptions
Table 8: Detection System Combinations
Table 9: Detection & Interdiction System Combinations
Table 10: Interdiction System Combinations
Table 11: Comparison of Detection, Tracking and Identification Systems According to Efficacy, Range and Cost
Table 12: Comparison of Detection, Tracking and Identification Systems According to Means of Use
Table 13: Acoustic Detection Systems Profile
Table 14: Electro-Optical Detection Systems Profile
Table 15: Thermal Detection Systems Profile
Table 16: RF Detection Systems Profile
Table 17: Radar Detection Systems Profile
Table 18: Comparison of Counter-Drone Interdiction Systems According to Effectivity, Range, Risk and Cost
Table 19: Comparison of Counter-Drone Interdiction Systems According to Means of Use
Table 20: Nets Interdiction Systems Profile
Table 21: Projectiles Interdiction Systems Profile
Table 22: Lasers Interdiction Systems Profile
Table 23: RF Jammers Interdiction Systems Profile
Table 24: GNSS Jammers Interdiction Systems Profile
Table 25: RF Spoofers Interdiction Systems Profile
Table 26: GNSS Spoofers Interdiction Systems Profile
Table 27: Counter Counter-Drone Systems
Table 28: Types of Critical Infrastructure
Table 29: Types of Drone Threats
Table 30: Drone Detection and Interdiction Authorities According to Scenario, Challenge, Budget and Types of Actors
Table 31: Detection and Interdiction Allowances by Country
Table 32: General and Country Specific Regulation Updates
Table 33: ISO Committees and Working Groups on Drones
Table 34: Counter-Drone Methods According to Possible Offences or Criminal Acts That They Could Commit
Table 35: EU-Wide Counter-Drone Regulations
Table 36: US-Wide Counter-Drone Regulations
Table 37: Market Opportunity Measurement Parameters
Table 38: Counter-Drone Market Opportunity in Total Area [km2]
Table 39: Counter-Drone Market Opportunity in Units [n]
Table 40: Counter-Drone Regulations in the United States
Table 41: Counter-Drone Regulations in the United Kingdom
Table 42: Counter-Drone Regulations in Germany
Table 43: Counter-Drone Regulations in Italy
Table 44: Counter-Drone Regulations in France
Table 45: Counter-Drone Regulations in Spain


Chart 1:   Types of Rogue Drones According to Type of Pilot
Chart 2:   Types of Rogue Drones and the Threat Posed According to Type of Pilot
Chart 3:   Counter-Drone Security Layers of Critical Infrastructure Areas
Chart 4:   Drone Market Environment Map 4.0 (2019)
Chart 5:   Counter-Drone Companies According to Company Focus
Chart 6:   Counter-Drone Investors According to Country of Origin
Chart 7:   Percentage of Deals won by Companies Founded Before and After 2010
Chart 8:   Options Available in the Counter-Drone Workflow
Chart 9:   Questions That Are Answered by Counter-Drone Systems
Chart 10:  Comparison of Detection, Tracking and Identification Systems According to Efficacy, Range and Cost
Chart 11:  Comparative Assessment of Counter-Drone Case Studies
Chart 12:  Counter-Drone Solutions vis-à-vis Regulatory Frameworks
Chart 13:  The DRONEII Counter-Drone Market Model


Graph 1:   Counter-Drone Companies According to Employee Size
Graph 2:   Disclosed Counter-Drone Investments 2012-2019
Graph 3:   Top 15 Counter-Drone Companies According to Disclosed Investments They Received in 2012-2019
Graph 4:   Number of Counter-Drone Deals by Year
Graph 5:   Counter-Drone Deal Earnings by Company’s Country of Origin
Graph 6:   Counter-Drone Contracts According to Solutions Offered
Graph 7:   Counter-Drone Deals According to Type of Client
Graph 8:   Counter-Drone Deal Earnings by Company
Graph 9:   Detection, Tracking and Identification Systems
Graph 10:  Interdiction Systems
Graph 11:  The Global Counter-Drone Market 2018-2024
Graph 12:  The Global Counter-Drone Market 2018-2024 by Region
Graph 13:  The Global Counter-Drone Market 2018-2024 by Country
Graph 14:  The Global Counter-Drone Market 2018-2024 by Method
Graph 15:  The Global Counter-Drone Market 2018-2024 by Detection Method
Graph 16:  The Global Counter-Drone Market 2018-2024 by Interdiction Method


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