Infographic | Drones and COVID-19 Applications


This infographic gives an overview of drones and COVID-19 applications, i.e. the drone use cases most pertinent to the global efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.

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This infographic provides an overview of all the current (and one potential) use cases pertinent to drones and COVID-19.

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This infographic contains use cases described in our latest post about drones and COVID-19. Here’s an excerpt:

“As the entire world scrambles to react to the global health crisis caused by the spread of the new coronavirus and the COVID-19 illness, conversations about automation and the role of robotics in society have never been more relevant.

With the number of those infected by the new coronavirus passing 1,000,000 and the number of deaths passing 50,000, two main concerns sit at the forefront of government decisions: 1) How do we slow down the spread of this highly infectious virus? And, 2) How do we keep economies afloat and deliver essential goods amid the first lockdown of this scale that the modern world has ever seen? Robotics in general, and especially commercial drones, have a major role to play in both of these endeavours.”


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