Infographic | Drone Stock Overview 2021


This infographic shows which drone-specialized companies are currently being traded in stock markets as well as how their stock price has changed in the past month, six months, year, and 3 years.

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Many articles about drone stocks include Airbus, Amazon, and Nvidia among others. However these companies are only involved with drones, they are not drone-specialized companies. So which other companies offer drone stocks, and how have these developed in the past month, 6 months, year, and 3 years? Check the infographic to find out!

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Drone Stock Overview 2021 shows 14 companies that offer shares which can be currently traded in stock markets. These include EHang, AeroVironment, Draganfly, and Parrot among others. Our infographic also shows how these performed in the past by comparing their current stock price with their one month, 6-month, one year, and 6 year prices. In the related article, we also mention companies that are set to go public soon such as Archer, Joby and Lilium. Here’s an excerpt from the full publication:

“As of May 2021, there are [at least] three passenger drone companies who will become publicly-traded in the coming months. Their IPO process is sped up thanks to mergers with SPACs, and as more drone companies mature and leverage their technologies, we are likely to see many more of them follow suit into financial markets.”


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