The Drone Service Provider Ranking 2020

Lukas Schroth
September 30, 2020
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Following numerous requests by our clients, customers, and readers, DRONEII is delighted to present the Drone Service Provider Ranking 2020 Report. It ranks the top drone service providers in the world using parameters like company size, market shares, public activity, and many more.

Drone Service Providers Ranking 2020 3Ds

Report | Drone Service Provider Ranking 2020

This report, features and ranks all larger drone service provider companies around the world.

About the Report

The report is an assessment of over 750 global companies known as Drone Service Providers – whose core business is to offer services with drones to third parties.  They are further classified into Top 40 Remote Sensing Providers and Top 20 Drone Delivery Providers. The report also includes a comprehensive database of 900+ drone service companies with complete information (but not ranked).

Report Findings

Geographical dispersion: There are top service providers all over the world. Companies from 19 different countries made the Top 40 ranking of Remote Sensing Service Providers. Meanwhile, 15 different nations are represented in the Top 20 Drone Delivery Providers Ranking.

Strong US & UK presence: The United States is home to the largest number of leading remote sensing and drone delivery service providers, a whopping 9 and 6 companies, respectively. The United Kingdom follows the US with 6 Remote Sensing Drone Service Companies and 1 Drone Delivery Service Company.

Asia on the rise: 7 remote sensing service providers from Asia are represented in the Top 40 ranking – 4 of them are in the Top 10. Meanwhile, 4 more Asian companies made it into the Top 20 Drone Delivery Providers.

Top 3 Remote Sensing Drone Service Providers

#1 Terra Drone: The No 1 global Remote Sensing Drone Service Provider for the second time in a row is Terra Drone from Japan. With a strong expansion strategy in the last two years in countries like Brazil, India, and Belgium it has grown rapidly all over the world. Terra Drone also started to integrate hardware and software companies into their portfolio to offer services with proprietary solutions.

#2 Aerodyne: The Kuala Lumpur-based company is in 2nd place and is one of the largest drone service providers worldwide. They also pursue a strong expansion strategy like Terra Drone with partnerships and acquisitions around the globe.

#3 Cyberhawk: The British company was already founded in 2008 and is highly respected in the drone industry thanks to its extensive experience and high-quality results. The industry pioneer, that had a major stake acquired by Magnesium Capital last year, delivered its service in over 30 countries all around the world and made to 3rd in the Remote Sensing Drone Service Provider ranking.

Top 3 Drone Delivery Service Providers

#1 Zipline: The No 1 Delivery Drone Service Provider in the world for the third time in a row is: Zipline. With a valuation of over $1 billion, $190 million in new financing in 2019 and a total over 50,000 commercial deliveries, Zipline is the latest contender to become the leader in the global drone industry.

#2 Wing: On 2nd place is the Silicon Valley-based company Wing, an on-demand drone delivery service that mainly delivers food and medicine. They have also developed an unmanned traffic management platform to safely route drones through the sky. Originally created in 2012 within “X”, the Moonshot Factory, Wing is now a 100% Alphabet company and sister company of Google Inc.

#3 Matternet: At number 3, the Swiss company Matternet, has been one of the first drone delivery companies for the transport of medical samples or supplies. Together with UPS, Matternet demonstrated at an early stage the usefulness of drone transports for hospitals and laboratories environment. The Swiss Post relies on Matternet’s solution. To date, the company has flown over 1,400 missions carrying over 7,000 samples.

Conclusion - Drone Service Provider Ranking 2020

This year’s Drone Service Provider Ranking shows that capable drone service providers are located all over the world, not just in Europe, the USA, and China. Moreover, new Drone Service Providers continue to emerge, while established companies continue to grow, which reflects the ever-growing drone industry. If you are interested in how and where the drone market is evolving, check out the Drone Market Report 2020-2025 which forecasts how the global industry will grow over the next five years.

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